Friday, November 9, 2007

Menu for the Week of November 10th, 2007


LunchPulled pork sandwiches.

DinnerTortellini & Bolonaise Pasta sauce.
SundayBreakfastFruit Pancakes & cut up melon & banana.

LunchSoup & 1/2 chicken sandwich.

DinnerMeatloaf & spinach salad with pear dressing, blue cheese & walnuts.
MondayBreakfastWW toast, PB & low-sugar jam, light juice, banana.

LunchOnigiri (tuna) with chicken tender & cut up vegetables, yogurt & flax seed.

DinnerSauteed chicken breasts and steamed vegetables.
TuesdayBreakfast3/4 cup whole grain cereal, skim milk, banana.

LunchRaman Soup, fruit & crackers.

DinnerIndian lentil soup.
WednesdayBreakfastWW toast, PB & low-sugar jam, light juice, banana.

LunchTuesday's leftovers, crackers, fruit.

DinnerSpinach salad with pear dressing, blue cheese & walnuts with baked lemon-pepper fish.
ThursdayBreakfastHard boiled egg, 1 pc ww toast, butter, light juice, banana.

LunchWednesday's leftovers. fruit, yogurt & flax seed.

DinnerGrilled Cheeseburgers on whole wheat (all dressed - lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers).
FridayBreakfastOatmeal & fruit, light juice.

LunchMini-burgers, cut up vegetables, yogurt & flax seed.

DinnerBeef stew with red wine & potatoes (Pax Tharda).

This week is, perhaps, a bit overly planned. I've never successfully planned 5 dinners in a row (without making severe modifications), let alone lunch and breakfast; but this week I figured I'd give it a try. New recipes are linked; old one's aren't.

My weekly to-do list in the kitchen is as follows:
  • Friday (Nov 9): Make Pulled pork sandwiches, start the chicken broth in the crock pot.
  • Saturday: Make the pasta sauce & bake a pear & peach cobbler. Move the broth to the fridge to cool.
  • Sunday: Make mealtloaf & 2x onigiri (tuna). Skim the broth & freeze (some in containers, some in ice-cube trays).
  • Monday: Pack chciken soup broth & cook up extra chicken for lunch.
  • Tuesday: Prep Friday's dinner for the crock pot
  • Friday: Bake something for dinner/desert.

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