Sunday, August 3, 2008

Menu of March 8, 2008

Meat loaf & steamed veggiesDinner out.
Chicken and soba noodle soupBBQ Easy Asian chicken parts & hash-browns with cornBroiled lemon-pepper fish and steamed cornTake out: Souvlaki pita and salad

I did a lot of cooking Saturday.
I made a double-batch of Mark Bittman's meat loaves. I shape them in individual portions. Then I froze two for later. I also made chicken broth (for use later in the week, and oatmeal cookies (from the Joy of Cooking). It was a busy day.

The Gygax-memorial was just a small gathering of friends. The cookies I baked the day before were well-received, but Beverely's anytime salsa stole the show. It's a simple layered dip that keeps well for about 3 days in the fridge. There was lots of food at the memorial; so we didn't really have a proper dinner.

Chicken and soba noodle soup
It was a bit strong in the flavorings, but overall delicious.

BBQ Easy Asian chicken parts & hash-browns with corn is one of my all-time favorite meals. We usually cook it on the barbecue. The hash-browns were a simple dish of par-boiled potatoes (diced & sliced) then pan fried with a bit of butter and a couple cups of corn. My hash-browns are white and never really golden with very few crispy bits; but there were no leftovers.

Broiled lemon-pepper fish and steamed corn. A classic in my kitchen--it's made exactly like it sounds: fish topped with lemon zest and pepper, broiled until done and served with a side of lightly steamed corn.

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