Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekly menu for December 13 - 18, 2009

Monday menu planning with the Organizing JunkieI'm trying to get ahead of the game this week, mostly by writing this on the Thursday prior to the dates in the title; as that's when I normally make my shopping list. The week is fraught with baking, shopping, and meeting friends. I suspect I'll not have much time to throw dinner together or eat for that matter; and yet I still need to make enough to bring leftovers as lunches throughout the week.

Family dinner. Apple-cinnamon cake
I'm off to a family dinner. I'm bringing a gift of truffles and an apple-cinnamon cake for desert.

Served atop flour tortillas (warmed in the stove), these are filled with a mixture of cooked chicken, bell pepper, salsa, and sour cream. Since I'm finishing off my Christmas shopping this week, it seemed safest to serve a simple meal.

Cracker and parmesan crusted fish, Steamed vegetables and basmati rice
Crispy fish, rice made with chicken broth, and a green salad dressed with homemade vinagrette. Simple, quick, and easy. This has been one recipe I keep meaning to make.

Quick chicken cassoulet, green salad and cappuchino chocolate cheesecake
This is a "fake" cassoulet, in that it doesn't have to bake for hours to be ready to eat. The desert is not, unfortunately for Wednesday night. I'll serve a small one on Thursday to guests and bring the rest to a pot-luck on Friday.

Yellow split-pea soup and soda biscuits
This is a dinner for 6, hopefully with left-overs. The recipe is an old family favourite that is a crock-pot meal. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes!

Leftover buffet
Most Friday nights I want a simple and quick meal. Since I shop on Saturdays, I also want to clean out my fridge/freezer. Often I cook without a recipe, finding bits that should be used up and making something dinner-like out of it. This is also the day of my office's pot luck; so I suspect that by dinner time I'm not going to be all that hungry.

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