Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekly menu for Sept 27/09

Monday menu planning with the Organizing JunkieWith the new fridge and stove now safely standing in my kitchen, you'd think I'd be baking up a storm. After 6 months of using only my barbecue and range top, I'm a bit trepidations to going back to using the stove. We'll see how it goes.

Baked fish, french fries and green salad
There's no menu for this one. I used frozen fish fillets, string fries and a home made mix of romaine, spinach, mushrooms, radishes and yellow bell pepper in an Italian vinagrette.

Beef kebabs with green salad, No-bake protein bars, Oatmeal bread
The protein bars are something I keep adding to my menu, then not making. Tonight is the night! They're supposed to be great lunch-box stuffers and, for once, I deliberately bought no granola bars, cookies, or other lunch-box stuffers when I went for groceries.
The oatmeal bread is a favourite of mine, and one I've been wanting to make again. The recipe from King Arthur Flour produces a pleasantly dense loaf -- perfect for toasting.

Gnocchi, marinara sauce with meatballs & green salad
Again, no recipe. The gnocchi is pre-packaged, the marinara sauce and meatballs are already made and in my freezer. I made both using Mark Bittman's recipes from How to Cook Everything.

Bangers and Mash with Radish slaw
Bangers (sausage) and mash (potatoes) is an old family favourite. I have two types of sausages: chicken pesto and hot italian, and baby white potatoes for the meal. The radish slaw is a recipe I found some time ago, but have yet to make it. I love cold slaw, so I'm hopeful.

Beef tacos
Tea bread & cookies
My night to bake. The tacos are made using fresh (soft) corn tortillas and lots of veggies. The tea bread and cookies shows my intention to bake something; but I'm not yet certain what to bake.

Protein poisoning chili
Another family favourite. This chili is thick and rich with sausage, ground beef and two types of beans. I've got fresh tomatoes and bell peppers (instead of the tinned variety), and it will sit all day in the crock pot becoming quite fragrant by dinner time. Served with polenta or rice.

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