Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Menu plan for the week of March 14, 2010

Menu Plan MondayWhat a week! The weather has become warm and spring-like and the colds are finally lifting from my house. There's lots to do this week that didn't get done last week (being sick is not condusive to doing chores); and the week is perfect for baking (not too warm and not too cold), so I'm going to make cookies this week and try to squeeze some bread-making in on the weekend.

Typically I have less than a serving left over after dinner. So, I just dump them in a container and put it in the freezer. Most lunches are the contents of one or two containers combined. I realized earlier, while talking to a co-worker - if I actually layered my leftovers rather than just dumping them in a single container - I could call my leftover lunches a "bento" again. They'd probably be a lot more appetizing to look at too.

Not many links this week, as most of the recipes are pretty straight forward.

snacks: I have a lot of choices for snacks this week as we did a run to the local Cosco recently.
taco chips (remainders from a party on the weekend)
mixed veggies & dip (leftovers from a party platter on the weekend)
pita chips & hummus (neither of which is homemade)
yogurt & flax seed
apples (always)
granola bars
rice crisps

The menu:

Toast & almond butter
Crab pasta salad
Leftover Lentil and sausage soup
Breakfast oatmeal
Leftover chili, spaghetti & salad
BBQ hamburgers with The best and simplest green salad by Mark Bittman topped with Red wine and feta vinaigrette
Breakfast musli
Taco salad Leftovers
Steamed vegetables with Black Beans and Rice, My Way
Breakfast oatmeal
Chicken salad sandwich and soup
The best and simplest green salad with red wine vinagrette
BBQ New York Strip steak & Mashed Potatoes Gratin
The Whole Wheat Tollhouse Cookies
Breakfast musli
Lunch Bento
Chinese Buffet - for 4
Toast & almond butter
Lunch Bento
Shawarma sandwich with rice & salad - for 6
Breakfast egg sandwich
Lunch roast chicken, fresh bread and salad
Dinner: TBD
Event: Draconis Game Day

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  1. I hate being sick and still having to wear my mom hat too.

    Your menu plan sounds delicious.

    I really enjoy MPM because I'm able to get loads of recipe ideas.
    Just another reason for loving blogging.