Thursday, February 28, 2008

Menu for the week of March 1, 2008

Meatball soup (for 6) Beans and rice (for 6) Pork chops & salad Chicken Piccata & salad Steak sandwiches with spicy cheese on fresh baguettes & tomato soup Broiled lemon-pepper fish and steamed corn Vegetarian cassoulet (for 6)

Updates from the week that is

The meatball soup was well received. Everyone enjoyed it and I even had enough left-over for the following day's lunch.

Beans and rice. It was actually bland. All those aromatics and it was bland. I cooked all the aromatics with the white kidney beans. I used 2 serrano peppers and I suspect my cayenne pepper is dead. Everyone liked it, but several folk reached for the african-heat spice shaker to try and give it more of a kick. Next time I'll go for the stronger smoked ham, a fattier ham-hock, possibly spicy sausages and/or more chilies.

The pork chops I bought shrunk quite a bit when cooking; but overall tasted very good. There really is no recipe for this - I sprinkle the chops with pepper and throw them into a grilled pan to cook a few minutes on each side. They were served with a fresh romaine and grape tomato salad with a red wine and olive oil vinagrette. Simple, fast, and delicious.

The meal didn't get made. I grabbed something from the freezer and heated that instead.

Steak sandwiches on fresh bread with sharp cheddar cheese and jalapeƱos Monterey jack cheese. Yum.

Broiled lemon-pepper fish and steamed corn

The gang canceled, so once again I relied upon the contents of my freezer. I pulled out a pound of hamburger and made ... well ... hamburgers. :)

17-March-2008: Updated with the day-by-day results of my eating.

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