Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu for the week of 2009-02-28

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, fruit, 2 pieces brown toast, peanut butter
Lunch: Salami, cheese curds, crudités
Dinner: Homemade sushi

Breakfast: Fruit yogurt
Lunch: Salami, cheese curds, crudite
Dinner: Leftover everything soup & grilled monterey jack cheese sandwich


Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Crab (3 legs), sesame tofu, broccoli, plum, diet coke
Dinner Chicken & black bean questioned with mixed green salad
Snacks Cottage cheese & a small apple, celery sticks &
peanut butter

Breakfast: Kashi cereal, fruit & skim milk
Lunch: Samosa (2), Lemon-pepper tuna on rice crackers, asparagus spears, plum, diet coke
Dinner: Chicken curry in a hurry over brown rice & steamed green beans
Snacks Crackers & cheese & salami, Green pepper sticks & hummus

Breakfast: Musli, yogurt, fruit
Lunch: Crab legs (3), Crackers & cheese & salami, broccoli, diet coke
Dinner: BBQ steak, steamed vegetables
Snacks: Yogurt & flax seed, celery sticks &
peanut butter

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruit
Lunch: Samosa (2), Lemon-pepper tuna on rice crackers, asparagus spears, strawberries, diet coke
Dinner: Hungarian Goulash (Crock pot)
Snacks: green pepper sticks & hummus, taco chips & salsa

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, tomatoes & bacon
Lunch: Hungarian goulash & rice crackers, yogurt & flax seed, strawberries,
Dinner: Out
Snacks: Hummus & leftover veg, Sesame tofu

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