Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Menu of the Week (Sept 14/07)

After a weekend out, and an empty fridge - I am shopping late this week.
SaturdayDinner out.
MondayRigatoni & Marinara sauce, romaine and red pepper salad with red wine vinaigrette.
TuesdayMontreal butcher's block steak, steamed corn and pilaf-style barley.
WednesdayHerb-roasted chicken cutlets, steamed green beans & bean & corn pancakes.
ThursdayChicken in lemon sauce, steamed green beans & polenta.
FridayBasic meatloaf, steamed vegetables (from frozen).

I was out of the house on Saturday and returned late on Sunday night; so that's my excuse for buying take-out and eating it at home. Even though there's lots to choose from in regards to restaurants, sometimes the big chains are the most convenient (if not the most healthy).

Monday's dinner is super-simple, mostly because I make homemade marinara sauce and then freeze it. So it's just a matter of under-cooking the pasta, thawing the sauce, and making the salad for a nice meal that's really quick.

Admittedly, Tuesday's meal is no more difficult. Montreal steak is, in its barest essence, a steak with several tablespoons of Montreal steak spice rubbed into it. I add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce and then throw it on the barbecue. The vegetables go onto the barbecue too - in their own little foil packet on the cold side of the barbecue to steam beside the meat. They are both done at about the same time.

The other three recipes (and the pilaf-style barley from Tuesday) are all new to me. I'm slowly trying out recipes from How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman. So far I've greatly enjoyed not only his prose, but his recipes too. I'll let you know how the recipes fair their taste tests this week. :)

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