Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Menu for the week of June 29, 2009

So this was to be the week I ate down my fridge (EDF). The problem is that I have a very tiny freezer; I picked some meals that work their way through my staples, but I was almost completely out of produce and protein; so I went shopping. I didn't exactly save any money and now my fridge is full again.

Day of leftovers. Leftover roast chicken (deli purchase), leftover soup (from the freezer), leftover baking (energy bars, chipolte hummus, 5-layer jello).
Breakfast: Cereal, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: Chopped Mediterranean salad with chicken
BBQ hamburgers, all dressed with tomatoes, lettuce & cheese
Breakfast: Cereal, skim milk, fruit
Lunch: BBQ hamburger (all dressed), with bell pepper sticks
BBQ Memories of Szechwan chicken breasts & Southwestern colslaw
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon & toast with PB&J
Lunch: Salmon over mixed greens with cheese, crudite & hummus
Not-quite Pierce street Vegetarian chili & polenta
Breakfast: Toast, PB&J
Lunch: Chili & polenta
Seven grain dirty rice and beans
Breakfast: Toast, PB&J
Lunch: Salmon over mixed greens with cheese, crudite & hummus
Beef tacos (with salad & salsa)
Breakfast: Out.
Lunch: Freezer leftovers (either chili or seven grains)
Carne asada (tacos made with marinaded skirt steak), beans & rice

My pantry inventory (and pictures) should be up soon-ish.
Sunday - I went through and used up what I had in the house for meals. I still have a lot of staples and a few odds and ends that I really want to get rid of.
Monday - Forgot to make the salad to go with the burgers (so we'll have it Tuesday); finished off the goat cheese making lunch. I opened the bottle of artichoke hearts I've had in the pantry for ... a while. It's not quite expired. They're tasty atop salads.
Tuesday - The bottle of Memories of Szechwan has enough for several meals yet. When it's empty I'm pretty sure we'll buy more. Maybe I can hold off until we're out of chipolte slam and chipotle dipping sauce.
Wednesday - It's a holiday up here, so I have time to make stove-top chili (even if the weather's not perfect for it). It's a good way to use up the beans I have in my pantry & freezer. It won't quite be vegetarian, as I intend to use up the last of my spaghetti sauce (which has beef). Corn meal is another staple, so I'm not too worried about finishing it off. The canned fish for lunch is nothing new, but it will get rid of one more can from my pantry.
Thursday - I have guests, so rice and beans (while maybe not seasonal) fits the bill. It's cheap to make, not too time consuming, and best of all -- it tastes wonderful. It also helps me use up more canned goods. Breakfasts this latter part of the week are my attempt at getting through the jam in my fridge.
Fridays - I love tacos. Fortunately I have the ingredients just "laying around" in my pantry.

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